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Copper Mini Paper Rose Bouquet, Gift Topper, Keepsake

Copper Mini Paper Rose Bouquet, Gift Topper, Keepsake

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Panache's shimmery Copper Mini Rose Bouquets make an adorable gift topper, keepsake, pin, or a whimsical knickknack.

Each rose measures 1/4 of an inch. Bouquets may vary in appearance; however, there are typically 5 roses and 3 tiny rose buds in each. The entire bouquet measures 3 inches long.

Roses are wrapped in a custom in-house printed tissue paper that features a PNW Flannel print.

Roses are laser cut and painstakingly hand shaped and assembled. Flowers are not sealed or sprayed and contain only water soluble glue.

All flower and tissue paper patterns are proprietary designs of Panache.

This listing is for one (1) single bouquet.

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